• Established in 1999 DesenDugme specializes in the production of zamac and brass buttons ,rivets and accessories

    With the implementation of quality management, stringent production processes and innovative and agile management concepts ,we become one of the most reputable company in Turkey

    ‘Realistic and innovation,forge ahead and service first’ has been our business philosophy since we started.To pursue high quality standart product is always the main aim of our company..


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  • Environment and sustainability

    Our company employ resources as efficiently as possible across the value creation chain,minimizing the impact on the envoirment while always working to improve our products and manufacturing process

    We care about our emplooyes and our customers to assure their safety in all stages of production..


    To support our customers better production phase we design and provide die-sets for every product design

    These die- sets help our customers for better effectivness and lower costs..



    Ziya Gökalp Mah. İpkas Pls. San. Sit. 9B Blok No:48-50
    İkitelli - Başakşehir / İstanbul

    Tel:(+90)212 637 40 80
    Fax :(+90)212 637 37 77